Watch the interview of Pr. Sara Thornton about Dombais et Fils on France 5:


Pr. Antoine Cazé (Université Paris Diderot) and Pr. Cristanne Miller (University at Buffalo, titulaire de la Chaire Tocqueville Fulbright), “Visual Persistence: The Appearance(s) of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry”

Nolwenn Corriou (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle),“‘A rare and beautiful hand’: collecting the colonial body.” Respondent: Dr. Stefano Evangelista (Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow at Trinity College, Oxford).

Owen Holland (University of Cambridge), “Translation as Persistence: News from Nowhere, the Second International and some Limits of William Morris’s Inter-nationalism.” Respondent: Pr. Isabelle Gadoin (Université de Poitiers).

Marina Poisson (Doctorante Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – ATER Université Paris Diderot), “Persisting? Resisting? Persistent figures, actions and visions in Diana of the Crossways by George Meredith.” Respondent: Pr. Alain Jumeau (Université Paris IV-Sorbonne).

Marie Ruiz (Université Paris Diderot), ‘“Surplus Women”: Emigration as the nineteenth-century solution to female overpopulation’, and Marie Terrier (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle), ‘Annie Besant and nineteenth-century Neomalthusianism: “family limitation” or “birth-restricting checks” as remedy to overpopulation and poverty’. Respondent: Pr. Myriam Boussahba Bravard (Université Paris Diderot).

Mathieu Duplay (Université Paris Diderot), ‘Emerson/Marx: la révolution et ses doubles’. Jagna Oltarzewska (Université Paris-Sorbonne), ‘Eminem : the political unconscious of a linguistic moment’.


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