Tuesday 7 February

11.15am: Wreathlaying Ceremony – Poet’s Corner, Westminster Abbey

See the Dickens 2012 website for events in London Celebrating Dickens’s 200th Birthday.

Bicentenary Dinner at Mansion House:

Mansion House, London

Mansion House, London

The Cast from "Oliver!" singing at Mansion House

The Cast from “Oliver!” sang at Mansion House (above), Sir Patrick Steward (right) read from A Christmas Carol

Sir Patrick Stewart read from "A Christmas Carol"

Mansion House

Mansion House

The Global Meaning of Dickens and ‘Dickensian’ Today

Cohosted by University of Leicester and the Charles Dickens Museum and the University of Leicester. The conference took place at the Museum of London.

Wednesday 8 February

Arrival and Check-in
9.00 am – Museum of London

Welcome and Opening Panel on Global Dickens
9.15 am

Holly Furneaux – University of Leicester
Florian Schweizer – The Charles Dickens Museum

Global Dickens 2012
The British Council

Tea/Coffee Break
10.15 am

Parallel Sessions

Panel A: Global Dickens
10.45 am – Room A

Dickens in the Middle East?: Going Astray in Tripoli’s Streets
Gillian Piggott
Independent Scholar (UK)

Dickens in New Zealand
Lydia Wevers
Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

The Language of Love and Hate: The Early Reception of Charles Dickens in Socialist Poland
Ewa Kujawska-Lis
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland)

Global Dickens: Re-imagining Dickensian Spatiality and Englishness’ beyond the West
Klaudia Lee
University of Nottingham (UK)

Panel B: Dickensian Forms and Formations of Nationhood
10.45 am – Room B

Reading English History with Charles Dickens
David Paroissien
University of Massachusetts (USA)

Framing Humour: Dickens and Comic Serialization
Katharyn Stober
University of North Texas (USA)

‘I am a fucking Englishman’: Post-Colonial Dickensian Gentlemen
Louisa Hadley
Dawson College, Montreal (Canada)

The Letters: Another Dickens Novel?
Jenny Hartley
University of Roehampton (UK)

12.30 pm

Parallel Sessions

Panel A: Dickensian TV
1.30 pm – Room A

Globalised Expectations: Dickens on Television
Florence Bigo-Renault
Université Paris 7 – Paris Diderot (France)

Dickens and The Wire
Clemence Follea
Université Paris 7 – Paris Diderot (France)

The Wire: The Dickensian Aspect of the Twenty-First Century
Jasper Schelstraete
Ghent University (Belgium)

Panel B: Dickensian Afterlives
1.30 pm – Room B

‘The Dickens Man’: The Irrepressible Bransby Williams and the Imitable ‘Boz’
Joss Marsh
Indiana University (USA)

Remembering the Past, Building the Future: Dickens and the Ethics of Memorialising
Leon Litvack
Queen’s University Belfast (UK)

Two Londons: Dickens and Woolf
Francesca Orestano
Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)

Maintaining the Amateur Contribution
Tony Williams
The International Dickens Fellowship

Tea/Coffee Break
3.15 pm

Closing Plenary Lecture
3.45 pm

Global Dickens
John Jordan
University of California, Santa Cruz

Dickensian Drinks and Cake
4.45 pm

Reflections on ‘A Tale of Four Cities’ and the Dickensian at 200 Years and One Day
Robert Patten
Rice University (USA)/Charles Dickens Museum (UK)

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