Boulogne and Condette

Travel, Crossing, Thresholds and the Idea of ‘the Dickensian’

Co-hosted by the Centre Culturel de l’Entente Cordiale, Château d’Hardelot at Condette & Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3
4-5 February 2012

Saturday 4 February

Lunch in Boulogne
Noon – Nausicaä, Centre National de la Mer

Exploring Boulogne/Coach Tour and Walking Tour

Coach goes on to Hôtel du Parc, Hardelot (10 kms from Boulogne)

Group Pick-up/Shuttle to Château d’Hardelot at Condette (2 kms from hotel)

Boulogne/Condette Welcome and First Plenary Lecture
5.30 pm – Centre Culturel de l’Entente Cordiale, Château d’Hardelot at Condette
Pierric Maelstaf – Centre Culturel de l’Entente Cordiale, Château d’Hardelot at Condette
Christine Huguet – Université Charles-de-Gaulle, Lille 3

Dickens and Shakespeare
Michael Slater
Birkbeck College, University of London (UK)

Buffet Dinner at the Château
7.00 pm

Second Plenary Lecture
8.15 pm

Dickens and English Francophobia
Malcolm Andrews
University of Kent (UK)


Group Pick-up/Shuttle back to Hôtel du Parc

Sunday 5 February

Group Pick-up/Shuttle to Château d’Hardelot
Meeting Point: Main Entrance of Hôtel du Parc, Hardelot

Parallel Sessions

Panel A: Victorian Thresholds: Fiction and Reality
9.30 am – Room 1

On Dickens and Fallen Women
Luc Bouvard
University of Montpellier 3 (France)

The Case of Girl Nº 20: Ventriloquism, the Fallen Woman, and the Notion of the ‘Dickensian’
Victor Sage
University of East Anglia (UK)

Trial and Terror in Satis House: Great Expectations of Institutional Masculinity
Gilbert Pham-Thanh
University of Paris 13 (France)

Panel B: Dickens’s Experimental Art
9.30 am – Room 2

The Roots of Dickensian Humour
Marie-Amélie Coste
Lycée Jules Ferry, Paris (France)

Fluid Mechanics in David Copperfield
Jacqueline Fromonot
University of Paris 8 (France)

Stop All the Clocks: Charles Dickens and Time
Simon J. James
Durham University (UK)

Apéritif & Lunch
11.30 pm

Exploring the “Love Nest”, Condette
1.00 pm

Plenary Lecture
2.00 pm

The Uncommercial Crosses Thresholds
Robert Patten
Rice University (USA)

Coffee/Tea Break
3.00 pm

Parallel Sessions

Panel A: Dickens and/in France
3.30 pm – Room 1

‘A Long and Constant Fusion of the Two Great Nations’: Dickens, the Crossing, and A Tale of Two Cities
Matthew Heitzman
Boston College (USA)

‘Drawn to the Loadstone Rock’: Travelling Towards Imprisonment and Death in A Tale of Two Cities
Isabelle Hervouet-Farrar
University of Clermont-Ferrand 2 (France)

‘Are two heads better than one?’: Crossed Channels in the Dickensian Mind
Dominic Rainsford
Aarhus University (Denmark)

Dickens and ‘le style Dickensien’
William A. Cohen
University of Maryland (USA)

Panel B: Dickens et al.: Home and Abroad
3.30 pm – Room 2

So Many Dickenses: Collaboration and the Idea of the Dickensian
Melisa Klimaszewski
Drake University (USA)

A Tale of Four Versions of Oliver Twist
Julie Tarif
University of Nancy 2 (France)

The Dickensian Antipodes: Dickens Down Under
Elizabeth Bridgham
Providence University (USA)

Great Expectations: Magwitch’s Transportation and the Pilgrimage Home
Ray Crosby
University of California, Riverside (USA)

Light Dinner at the Château
5.30 pm

Travel to Rochester/Chatham
6.15 pm – Meeting Point: Main Gate of the Château d’Hardelot
8.45 pm – Arrival/Hotel Check-in

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