CFP: Interrogating Commodity Cultures | Exploring Global Connections

The Victorianist: BAVS Postgraduates

Interrogating Commodity Cultures | Exploring Global Connections 

5 May 2017, Humanities Institute, UCD

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michael Niblett, University of Warwick 


This one-day interdisciplinary workshop will interrogate the cultural transformations effected by global commodity histories in the long nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Colonial conquest, advancements in travel technologies and industrialisation all contributed to creating the material conditions which allowed for the production, consumption, and movement of commodities across the globe. In so doing, the global capitalist system and actors within it changed not only transnational relations, but also local cultures and practices. The increased mobility of commodities, peoples and things introduced new geographies of connection and provided new ways of imagining the contact zones of colonial encounters. This workshop will ask how the global circulation of commodities is mediated through forms such as novels, poetry, drama, advertising and art. It will explore how these literary and visual mediations of the…

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