VICTORIAN AND EDWARDIAN INDUSTRIAL DESIRES, SFEVE Conference, 3-4 February, University of Nantes


Friday 3rd February  

9h30- 9h45 Conference opening

9h45-11h15 Industry, Individuals and Society: Ideological Perspectives 

9h45-10h10: Stéphane GUY (University Cergy Pontoise) “From Industrialisation to the Organisation of Society: Annie Besant’s Socialism.”

10h10-10h35: Valérie BAROTEAUX (EHESS) “Robert Owen and Jean-Baptiste André Godin: From Industrial Utopia to theCirculation of their Practices.”

10h35-11h00: Joshua GOOCH (D’Youville College, Buffalo): “ ‘Action taken in the dark’: Bodies and the Limits of Memory in Samuel Butler.”  

11h00-11h15: Questions

Coffee break

11h30-12h30  Chromatic anachronism and Synthetic Colours

11h30-11h55: Kirsty Sinclair DOOTSON (University of Yale): “The Politics of Pigment: Industrial Colors in Victorian Painting.” 

11h55-12h20: Charlotte RIBEYROL (IUF, Paris Sorbonne): “‘Art Applied to Industry?’ The Colours of William Burges’s Great Bookcase (1859-1862).”

12h20-12h30: Questions


13h45-15h15  The Aesthetics of Industrial Imaginaries

13h45-14h10: Françoise DUPEYRON LAFAY (University Paris Est Créteil): “H. G. Wells’s industrial romance “The Cone” (1895). Genera mixta, the industrial sublime, melancholy madness, and horror.”  

14h10-14h35: Fabienne MOINE (University Paris X Nanterre): “The Voices of Machines: Class, Subjectivity and Desire in Victorian Women’s Factory Poems.”

14h35-15h00: Marie LANIEL (University Jules Verne Picardie): “‘The silent Arachnes that weave unrestingly in our Imagination’: The industrial metaphoric web in the works of Thomas Carlyle.”

 15h15-15h15: Questions.

Coffee break

15h30-16h45 Ambivalent Responses to Technology

15h30-15h55: Isabelle CASES (University Perpignan, Via Domitia): “Noble and Wonderful Structures: S. Williams and the Fascination with Iron Roads.”

15h55-16h20: Richard W. HAYES (Architectural Historian, Columbia and Yale Universities): “Ambivalent Responses to Technology Among Late Victorian Architects.”

16h20-16h45: Catherine LANONE (University Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle): “Victorian and Edwardian Hyperreality: the Seduction of the Virtual from Bram Stoker to E.M. Forster.”

16h45-17h00: Questions.

Coffee break

17h15-18h15  Keynote conference Tamara KETABGIAN (Beloit College) “Savages and Spiritual Engines: Paley, Wells, and Mechanical Feeling.”


Saturday 4th February

9h30-11h00  Industrial Journeys: Escapism and Ideal Societies

9h30-09h55: Jean-Yves TIZOT: (University of Grenoble): “Industrial to the Core: E.C. Howard’s Garden City Idea and the Ideology of Industrialism.”  

09h55-10h20: Shirley DOULIERE (University Bordeaux 3, Montaigne): “The English Lady around the world: when Isabella Bird explored far away lands to look for signs of the British Industry.”

10h20-10h45: Hélène JOUBERT (University of Nantes): “Charles Reade’s Foul Play: the Industrial Spirit at the Core of aSurvival Narrative.” 

10h45-11h00: Questions

Coffee break

11h15-12h15: Desires of Representation and Industrial Sublime

11h15-11h40: Françoise BAILLET (University Cergy Pontoise): “Images of Desire: Visual Representation of Workers and Paupers in the Illustrated London News and The Graphic (1850-1870).” 

11h40-12h05: Béatrice LAURENT (University of the French West Indies and Guiana) “Technological Design, Industrial Desire, Mechanical Sublime.”

12h05-12h15: Questions


13h30-14h30: Victorian and Quasi-Victorian Steampunk

13h30-13h55: Yuliya SKOROKHODKO (VI Vernadsky Crimean Federal University Simferopol, Russia): “Molly Blackwater Trilogy by Nick Perumov: On the Peculiarities of Russian Steampunk Fiction.” 

13h55-14h20: Helena K. ESSER (Duisburg Essen University): “Reassembling the Victorians: Steampunk, Cyborgs, and the Ethics of Industry.”   

14h20-14h30: Questions.

Coffee break

14h45-15h45 (De-)Industrialism, Mindscapes and Literary Movements

14h45-15h10: Joan PASSEY (Universities of Bristol and Exeter): “Monstrous Mining: Cornwall and De-Industrialisation in Nineteenth Century Gothic Fiction.” 

15h10-15h35: Addison NUGENT (University Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle): “‘The Creature of Rhythm’: Visions of Machine Consciousness in George Eliot and Ambrose Bierce.” 

15h35-15h45: Questions.

 15h45-16h00 Round table and end of conference

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