CFP: “(Re)constructions”, University of Reims, 1-3 June 2017

The SAES general theme of “(Re)constructions” is an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which the Victorian and Edwardian age was a period of transition and experimentation in many different fields ranging from science to culture and literature. In exploring issues of either construction or reconstruction (or the dialectics implied in both issues), we encourage speakers to propose papers examining “(re)constructions” in terms of culture and history as much as in terms of artistic and literary forms.


Paper proposals may address (but are not limited to) the following aspects:

–       Geographical constructions in the public/political spheres

–       Cultural constructions and reconstructions in Britain’s relations to the Empire

–       The (re)construction of the self through literary or artistic endeavours

–       Literary construction and deconstruction and the birth of new genres, or new narratives as construction/destruction/reconstruction of specific forms

–       (Re)constructions in political and  ideological discourse

–       (Re)constructions in scientific and biological discourse

–       Social (re)constructions in education and the family (gender issues, children, etc.)

–       The notion of (re)construction in architecture, town-planning or garden-planning.

Les propositions de communication sont à envoyer à: ,,

Deadline for proposals: 10 January 2017.

Click here to know more about the SAES conference in Reims.

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