PUBLICATION: Unsettling Dickens: Process, Progress and Change

Unsettling Dickens: Process, Progress and Change, ed. Christine Huguet and Paul Vita (Paris: Sagittaire, 2016) unsettling-dickens-process- progress-and-change

List of Illustrations

Notes on Contributors

Foreword: ‘On the Road’

Michael Hollington




Introduction: Unsettling Dickens

Christine Huguet & Paul Vita


Part I: Dickensian Processes: Displacing Narrative Paradigms

Chapter One: Charles Dickens, Mental Time-Travelling and Autobiographical Memory, Simon J. James

Chapter Two: Trial and Terror in Satis House: Great Expectations of Institutional Masculinity, Gilbert Pham-Thanh

Chapter Three: Fluid Mechanics in David Copperfield, Jacqueline Fromonot


Part II: Progress in Dickens: Signifying Across Space

Chapter Four: Ecstasy of Impatience: Some Notes on Travel in Sketches by Boz, Michael Hollington

Chapter Five: ‘Drawn to the Loadstone Rock’: Travelling Towards Imprisonment and Death in A Tale of Two Cities, Isabelle Hervouet-Farrar

Chapter Six: ‘The Weakest Pilgrim Going’: Pilgrimage in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, Ray Crosby

Chapter Seven: ‘Tramps’: Dickens’s Modern Rhapsody, Francesca Orestano


Part III: Changing the Dickensian: Texts in Becoming

Chapter Eight: Dickens and Shakespeare, Michael Slater

Chapter Nine: Crossing Thresholds: The Aesthetics of an Urban Experience, from Oliver Twist to The Wire, Clémence Follea

Chapter Ten: From London to Sydney to Bougainville: Post-colonial Dickensian Gentlemen, Louisa Hadley



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