Publication: The Colours of the Past in Victorian England

The Colours of the Past in Victorian England


Introduction (Charlotte Ribeyrol, ed.)

   1. ‘Faded by exposure’: The temporality of colour 

Charlotte Ribeyrol and Philippe Walter, ‘ A magic web with colours gay: W.H. Hunt’s chromatic nostalgia’

Caroline Arscott, ‘Whistler and whiteness’

Stefano Evangelista, ‘Symphonies in Haze and Blue: Lafcadio Hearn and the Colours of Japan’

2.  ‘Chromatic deviations’: ‘Foreignizing’ colour

Isabelle Gadoin, ‘The Orient in chromolithography: Owen Jones and the colours of Islamic art’

Michael Seymour, ‘Colour and its Reconstruction in the Nineteenth-Century Rediscovery of Assyrian Art’ 

3.  ‘The violet shades, the hard cobalt’: Material and abstract colours

Lene Østermark-Johansen, ‘“Like fragments of the milky sky itself”: the late nineteenth-century revival of Luca della Robbia’s coloured terracottas’

Marc Porée, ‘ “Popularity” in blue’

Muriel Pecastaing-Boissière, ‘Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater’s “Key to the Meanings of Colours” in Thought-Forms(1901)’

Claire Murray, ‘ “White Alb and Scarlet Camail”: The Colours of Catholicism in Fin-de-siècle Literature’


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