Becoming Animal with the Victorians, Université Paris Diderot, 4-5 February 2016

SFEVE Annual Conference: Becoming Animal with the Victorians

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Thursday 4 February

8am-9am Welcome coffee and registration
9am-9.15am Opening words from the President and Vice-Presidents of the
Société Française d’Etudes Victoriennes et Edouardiennes

9.15am- 10.45am: Moral codes, ethics and didacticism (workshop 1)
Chair: Sara Thornton, Université Paris Diderot
Dominic Rainsford (Aarhus University, Denmark): ‘Squirrel’s Heartbeat: Moral Quantification in Victorian Literature and Philosophy’
Sally Blackburn (Liverpool University): ‘Vernon Lee and Vivisection: A Mutilation of Morality’
Emilia Quinn (Oxford University): ‘The Monstrous Vegan: Historicising Veganism in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’

10.45am-11am: coffee break

11am-12.30am: Hybridity and mongrelisation (workshop 2)
Chair: George Letissier, Université de Nantes
Béatrice Laurent (Université des Antilles): ‘Missing Link or ‘Mongrel’? the Mermaid and the Victorian Imagination’
Silvia Granata (University of Pavia, Italy): ‘“At once pet, ornament, and subject for dissection”: The unstable status of marine animals in Victorian aquaria’
Anne Kerchy (University of Szeged, Hungary): ‘Alice’s Animal Alterities and Ethics’

Lunch 12.30-2:15 pm (Paris-Milan, 11 Rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris)

2.20-4:20pm: Canine Subjectivities and standpoints (workshop 3)
Chair: Nathalie Saudo-Welby, Université de Picardie
Georges Letissier (Université de Nantes): ‘From Dog Alterity to Canine Sublime: A Cross-Century Reading of Victorian Fiction’
Pauline Macadré (Université Paris-Sorbonne): ‘“Solving the problem of reality” in Virginia Woolf’s Flush’
Peter Merchant (Canterbury Christ Church University): ‘Rescued by Rover: Terriers, Tenacity, and Thomas Anstey Guthrie’
Melissa Dickson (St Anne’s College, Oxford University): ‘The Dog’s Bach and the Victorian Animal’s Love of Music’

4: 20 pm-5pm coffee break

5pm-6pm : Keynote speaker
Chair : Laurence Roussillon-Constanty, Université de Pau
Beryl Gray (Birkbeck College and Independent scholar): ‘In the Eyes of the Beholder: depicting the dog in the long nineteenth century’

7pm Conference Dinner

* * * *
Friday 5 February

8:30am-9am Welcome coffee and registration

9am-10am: Keynote speaker
Chair: Fabienne Moine, Université Paris Ouest, Nanterre
Hilda Kean (Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Visiting Professor at Greenwich University): ‘Aspects of the changing feline – human relationship in Victorian Britain’

10am-11.20am Animal spectacle and décor (workshop 4) (Turing)
Chair: Nicholas Daly , University College Dublin
Sune Borkfelt (Aarhus University, Denmark): ‘“Disgusting Spectacle”: Victorian Cattle Markets, Abattoirs and the Marginalization of Animals’
Barbara Lasic (University of Buckingham): ‘Crafty Tales: Aesop’s Fables and the Late Nineteenth-Century British Interior’

11.20am-11.40am: coffee break

11.40am-1pm (2 parallel sessions):

Humanimality and the grotesque (workshop 5) (Room 014)
Chair: John Miller, Sheffield University
Michael Hollington (University of Kent, Canterbury): ‘Corvidae in Dickens’
Amber Regis (Sheffield University): ‘On not becoming human: Victorian animal life-writing and the problem with poodles’
Hubert Malfray (Lycée C. Fauriel, St Etienne): ‘Freak shows on the page: The animalization of criminality in Newgate Fiction’

Humanimality and monstrosity (workshop 6) (Turing)
Chair: Estelle Murail, Université Paris Diderot
Neil Davie (Université Lyon 2): ‘“An unbidden guest at your table”: Purity, danger and the house-fly in the middle-class home, c. 1880-1910’
Richard Somerset (Université de Lorraine): ‘From monsters to animals: palaeontological popularisers and the ideology of historical process’
Briony Wickes (King’s College, London) : ‘Riding on the Sheep’s Back: Settler Colonisation and the Sheep-Shepherd Relationship in Victorian Fiction’.

Lunch: 1pm-2.45pm (Paris-Milan, 11 Rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris)

2.45 pm-4.45 pm (2 parallel sessions):
Evolution, regression and progress (workshop 7) (Room 014)
Chair: Hubert Malfray, Sorbonne Paris 4 and Saint Etienne
Rose Roberto (University of Reading): ‘Counting Animals and Visualising Natural History in Chambers’s Encyclopaedias’
Nathalie Saudo-Welby (Université de Picardie): ‘The rhetorical uses of female animals in novels by Mona Caird, Sarah Grand and George Paston’

Short coffee break

Chair: Béatrice Laurent, Université des Antilles
Ben Moore (Cardiff University): ‘Becoming Evolutionary?: Alton Locke’s Dream’
John Miller (University of Sheffield): ‘James Thomson’s Abyssal Creatures’

Fashion and ornament (workshop 8) (Turing)
Chair: Clémence Folléa, Université Paris Diderot
Róisín Quinn-Lautrefin (Université Paris Diderot): ‘“An exquisitely perfect and beautiful skeleton”: salvaging animal waste in Victorian domestic handicraft’
Arianne Fennetaux (Université Paris Diderot): ‘Retro-futuristic Animal Chic: Alexander McQueen’s Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities’
Short coffee break
Chair: Ariane Fennetaux, Université Paris Diderot
Julia Courtney (Independent scholar): ‘Animal Objects: Memory, Desire and Mourning’
Nicholas Daly (University College Dublin): ‘Fur and Feather Fashion at the Fin de Siècle’
Sarah Laurenson (Edinburgh University): ‘Fashioning the wild: animal parts and products in Scottish jewellery of the Victorian era’

5pm Summing up Michel Prum, Professor of History at University Paris Diderot
5.15pm-6pm Apéritif.
End of conference

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