Call for Conference Co-Organisers – All Things Victorian: Materiality and the Material Object in Victorian and Neo-Victorian Fictions

The Victorianist: BAVS Postgraduates

All Things Victorian: Materiality and the Material Object in Victorian and Neo-Victorian Fictions

The University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Studies in Literature annual Postgraduate Conference provides a framework that encourages and promotes collaboration and dissemination of research in literary studies for the postgraduate community.

Next year’s CSL Postgraduate Conference will be taking place at the University of Portsmouth in early spring 2016 and will be led by second year PhD student Danielle Norman. Danielle’s research explores the ongoing contemporary desire to re/fashion the nineteenth century in present-day fiction through Victorian materialities, particularly referencing clothing, costume and dress. The 2016 CSL Postgraduate Conference proposes an exploration of all things Victorian, examining representations of materiality and the material object in both Victorian and neo-Victorian literature, the visual arts, film, television adaptation, fashion and consumer culture.

If you are a postgraduate student with research interests in this field and would be interested in…

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