BAVS Talks 2015

The Victorianist: BAVS Postgraduates

Oxford postgraduate students Alison Moulds and Sarah Barnette share their thoughts on BAVS Talks 2015. 

Alison Moulds: All four papers at BAVS Talks 2015 were suffused with energy; one thing which I feel has translated particularly well to screen. Isobel Armstrong set the tone when she challenged us to reflect on how our literary analysis might be circumscribed and to think afresh about how we could engage with nineteenth-century fiction. Meanwhile, Hilary Fraser shared some of the “buzz” around Victorian sculpture; Martin Hewitt – in a timely intervention into the debates about the V21 Collective – made a measured but passionate plea for the value of historicism; and Helen Rogers illustrated how social history had been energised and reformulated by digitisation, the opening of the archives and social media projects.

When I attended BAVS Talks I was days away from my end-of-first-year upgrade assessment. I was anxious about sounding polished during…

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