Call for Contributions: “Victorianomania”: Reimagining, Refashioning, and Rewriting Victorian Literature and Culture

The Victorianist: BAVS Postgraduates

We invite contributions for a themed volume on Victorianomania to be published in early Autumn 2015. The nineteenth century continues to exert its influence upon scholars, writers and artists of the Third Millenium, invading contemporary film, art and literature, displaying a fascination with the period that shows no fading. While the emergent field of “Neo-Victorian Studies” has recently received considerable scholarly attention, inspiring academic conferences, edited collections of essays, peer-reviewed journals and special monograph series, this edited collection will consider Victorianomania in its broadest sense, examining the influence of and the contemporary response to the Literature and Culture of the long nineteenth century.


Beside the many works of fiction self-consciously reflecting on the relations between the past and the present, the contemporary Victorianomania can be traced in many genres and sub-genres of culture, from the multitude of current and successful film and television adaptations of nineteenth-century works – to…

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