REMINDER: Shows of London 20th November

Thursday 20th November
‘Modernism and Street Music’
Curated by Dr Anna Snaith, King’s College London
Room 6.01
Virginia Woolf Building
22 Kingsway.

‘Civilisation is noise. At least modern civilisation is. And the more it progresses the noisier it becomes’ (D. McKenzie, The City of Din: A Tirade Against Noise, 1916, p.25)
The auditory environment of modernist London changed with new ways of recording, producing and transmitting sounds. In this session, we will investigate the noisy, urban soundscape of literary modernism through attention to three writers: Virginia Woolf, Luigi Russolo and Jean Rhys (alongside related contextual and critical texts). Their differing engagements with street music take us not only to the radical interdisciplinarity of literary modernism, but also to the cultural politics of definitions of music versus noise, human versus mechanical sound and the workings of sonic production and reception in the city.
Kate Flint, ‘Sounds of the City: Virginia Woolf and Modern Noise‘ in Literature, Science, Psychoanalysis: 1830-1970 (2003) pp. 181-194.
Daniel MacKenzie, The City of Din: A Tirade Against Noise (1916), pp. 28-39, 60-69.
Jean Rhys, ‘Let Them Call it Jazz‘, The London Magazine (1962), pp. 91-105.
Voyage in the Dark, (1934) pp. 22-3, 34-5.
Luigi Russolo, ‘The Art of Noise: Futurist Manifesto‘, (1913) pp. 23-29.
James Winter, ‘Enjoying‘, in London’s Teeming Streets: 1830-1914 (2013), pp. 65-79 (Also available on Google Books).
Virginia Woolf, ‘Street Music‘ in The Essays of Virginia Woolf Vol. 1, ed. by Andrew McNeillie (1989), pp. 27-32.
Wine and snacks will be provided. Please contact with any inquiries.​

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