Curran Fellowships, to aid the study of 19th-century British magazines and newspapers

The Curran Fellowships

penny-a-liner press news may 15 1869The Curran Fellowships are a set of travel and research grants intended to aid scholars studying 19th-century British magazines and newspapers in making use of primary print and archival sources. Made possible through the generosity of the late Eileen Curran, Professor Emerita of English, Colby College, and inspired by her pioneering research on Victorian periodicals, the Fellowships are awarded annually. This year, up to five prizes will be awarded in amounts up to $4000 each.

The Curran Fellowships are open to researchers of any age from any of a wide range of disciplinary perspectives – literary scholars, historians, biographers, economists, sociologists, art historians, and others – who are exploring the 19th-century British press as an object of study in its own right, and not only as a source of material for other historical topics. Applicants’ projected research may involve study of any aspects of the periodical press in any of its manifold forms, and may range from within Britain itself to the many countries, within and outside of the Empire, where British magazines and newspapers were bought, sold, and read during “the long nineteenth century” (ca. 1780-1914).

Applications for the Curran Fellowships for research to be undertaken in 2015 must be submitted in electronic form and sent to by November 15, 2014. Applicants should send a c.v., the names and contact information of two scholars who are familiar with the applicant and his or her research goals, and a description of the project to which these funds would be applied. Please begin the filename of your application with your last name.  Any queries about the application may be sent to the same address. A set of additional guidelines for applicants (in PDF format) may be found HERE.

Applicants will be notified early in the new year. Successful applicants will be required to submit a brief report to RSVP at the conclusion of the funded portion of their project, describing the results of their research, and are asked to acknowledge the fellowship in any published work based on that research.

Researchers in this area will naturally want to join RSVP if they have not already done so.  To join RSVP, subscribe to the Victorian Periodicals Review from Johns Hopkins University Press:

Last year, the 2013-14 Curran Fellowships competition resulted in grants of $4000 each to the following five scholars:

Troy Bassett Associate Professor of English at Indiana University – Purdue University, to expand his online database, At the Circulating Library: A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901, to include novel serializations in twenty Victorian magazines and newspapers.

Kirstie Blair, Chair of the Department of English at University of Stirling, for a study of the dissemination of poetry, particularly working-class poetry, in the Scottish press.

Bradley Cesario, doctoral student in History at A&M University, College Station, Texas, for a dissertation project on the influence of pro-naval journalists on British public opinion and Admiralty policy in the years leading up to the First World War.

Emma Goldsmith, doctoral student in History at Northwestern University, for a study of parish magazines in English port cities, 1870 to 1930.

Tara Puri, Global Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick, for a comparative study of women’s magazines in imperial Britain and colonial Britain, in English and Hindi, 1900-1914.

Congratulations to these winners and many thanks to all who applied.

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