“British Philanthropies, 1750-1914: Reforming and Redeeming the World and the Metropolis”

Graduate and Postgraduate Conference

British Philanthropies, 1750-1914
Reforming and Redeeming the World and the Metropolis
17 juin 2014

Amphithéâtre Benvéniste,
Bâtiment G (Gaïa),
86, rue Pasteur, 69007 LYON


9h15: Welcome to participants

9h30: Introduction Speech
Maud Michaud: “Connected Philanthropies: Britain and its Empire, the foreign and the home fronts of British philanthropists and missionaries, 1750-1914”

9h45-10h45: Keynote Speech by Alison TWELLS, Sheffield Hallam University
“Abolition, Philanthropy and Public History”
Followed by questions and discussions

10h45-11h10: Coffee and tea break

11h10-11h40: Aurélie BAUDRY-PALMER, Université du Sud Toulon-Var
‘Philanthropy and class interactions in mid- and late-Victorian Bristol’

11h40-12h10: Muriel GLESER-NEVEU, Université Paris-Diderot
“‘Charity is the calling of a lady; the care of the poor is her profession’: Women’s agency in two competing philanthropic models in Liverpool (1890-1907)”

12h10-12h40: Alice BONZOM, Université Lyon 2
‘Souls for the soulless, homes for the homeless: prison relief inside and outside the prison (1856-1914)’

12h40-14h: Lunch

14h-14h30: Tonatiuh USECHE SANDOVAL, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
‘British Positivists: Loving Humanity, but not as Philanthropists?’

14h30-15h: Mélanie COURNIL, Université Lyon 2
‘Telescopic philanthropy at the time of abolitionism: saving the slave, forsaking the factory worker?’

15h-15h15: Coffee and tea break

15h15-15h45: Aurélie PETIOT, King’s College, University of Cambridge
‘Charles Robert Ashbee’s Educational and Philanthropic Work, 1880s-1940s’

15h45-16h: Maud MICHAUD, Université Lyon 2
‘The Strangers’ Home for Asiatics: Redeeming the World within the Metropolis, 1857-1937’

16h-16h30: Final discussions and concluding remarks

CONTACT : Maud.Michaud1@univ-lyon2.fr; Melanie.Cournil@univ-lyon2.fr

ADDRESS : Université Lyon 2,

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