Seminar Romantic Commons: “Browning’s Decentered Perspectives”

La deuxième séance du séminaire de doctorants “Romantic Commons” se tiendra mercredi prochain (2 avril 2014) à 18h, à l’Université Paris Diderot (salle 264E – Halle aux farines, 9 esplanade Pierre Vidal-Naquet 75013 Paris). François Crampe (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) parlera de “Browning’s Decentered Perspecitives”. Les documents qu’il utilisera dans sa communication sont disponibles sur le blog du séminaire à l’adresse suivante:

Vous trouverez ci-dessous le calendrier des séances suivantes, ainsi qu’un texte de présentation. Ce séminaire est ouvert à tous.

En espérant vous y voir nombreux,

Jeremy Elprin, Andria Pancrazi, et Helen Pownall

Doctorants du LARCA, Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7


Wednesday, 2 April 2014 -“Browning’s Decentered Perspectives”.

François Crampe (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 – “Thomas De Quincey, between Common Sense and Eccentricity”.

Thomas Leblanc (Université Paris Diderot)

Respondent: Pr. Jean-Marie Fournier (Université Paris Diderot)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014 – “‘All gentle cyclists ride with a book in their pockets’: F.W. Bockett’s Some Literary Landmarks for Pilgrims on Wheels (1901)”.

Una Brogan (Université Paris Diderot)

Respondent: Dr. Edward Nye (University of Oxford)

“Romantic Commons” aims at exploring the major crossroads and the less-trodden bypaths, the salient prospects and the outlying precincts, of British Romanticism. Through a reconsideration of the movement’s literary, cultural and aesthetic commonalities, as well as its sites of conflict, this seminar seeks to bring together approaches which venture across temporal and disciplinary boundaries, wander beyond the beaten paths, and make forays into the changing cultural and critical landscape. Resonant on a number of planes, the notion of the “commons” – of common places and spaces, as well as of commonplaces  – is intended not only to invite fresh reflection on Romantic-period texts and their ever-expanding (and “thickening”) contexts, but also to serve as an image for the spirit of unenclosed, collaborative thinking this seminar hopes to foster. Doctoral students of all disciplines (not only Romanticists) are encouraged to participate. For proposals for papers, ideas for future sessions, or more information, please contact us at

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