CFP: Call for Papers for the English Graduate Conference at the University of Oxford, 31st May 2013

This year’s English Graduate Conference at the University of Oxford takes ‘Object’ as its theme. In recent years, objects have provided a fruitful stimulus for literary enquiry. Harnessing this energy, the conference will explore physical and abstract connotations of objecthood. What impact do material objects have on texts and lives? What does it mean to study books as objects? How can texts be said to dissent and object?

Presentation topics may include, but are not limited to:

Material objects
Material culture; Thing-theory; Collecting/Hoarding/Curating; Dress/Costume/Props; Ritual; Body as object; Sex toys; Food/Drink; Money/Commerce; Architecture/Buildings; Objets d’art; Objets trouvés…
Book as object
Book history; Codicology; Archives; Periodicals/Ephemerality; Technological platforms/Online texts…
Dissent; Protest; Objectification…
Abstract interpretations
Objectivity; Sense/Perception; Ekphrasis; Instability of the object; Text as space; Formalism; Object orientated ontology…

Please send 500-word proposals for joint panels of 3-4 participants or 250-word abstracts for twenty-minute individual papers to the conference organisers at We also encourage participants to accompany their spoken presentations with visual and tactile props, whether in the form of visual media or show-and-tell-style physical objects.

Proposals should be submitted by 5pm, Friday 22nd February 2013.

Any further questions please email
Hannah Ryley
Worcester College, Oxford

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