Victorian Persistence Seminar, session 10: ‘Circulation, Saturation and Implosion: the Dynamics of Paper in Dickens’s Novels’

Session 10 of our seminar took place on Wednesday 14th November at the UFR d’Etudes Anglophones Charles V (salle A50, 17h30-19h30):

The Circumlocution Office, Little Dorrit, BBC, 2008

‘Circulation, Saturation and Implosion: the Dynamics of Paper in Dickens’s Novels’

Céline Prest (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle), hosted the session and introduced the texts.

André Topia (Professor Emeritus of English Literature at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) was her respondent. He gave a paper entitled « Paper and Printing as Symbolic Economy in Charles Dickens’s “A Paper-Mill” (Household Words, 31 August 1850) and “H. W.” (Household Words, 16 April 1853) »

We worked with the following texts:

– Charles Dickens, ‘Bill-Sticking’, Household Words, March 1851.

– Charles Dickens, “A Paper-Mill” (Household Words, 31 August 1850): Dickens, ‘A Paper-Mill’, Household Words, 31 August 1850

– Charles Dickens, “H. W.” (Household Words, 16 April 1853): Dickens, ‘H.W.’ Household Words, 16 April 1853

– Andrew M. Stauffer, Ruins of Paper: Dickens and the Necropolitan Library, Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net, Numéro 47, août 2007.

Céline Prest (Université Sorbonne nouvelle) talking about the dynamics of paper in Dickens’s novels.

André Topia talking about paper and printing in Dickens’s articles.

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