CFP: Against the Grain – Reimagining in the Humanities and Arts

Against the Grain – Reimagining in the Humanities and Arts
HARTS & Minds: The Bristol Journal of Humanities and Arts is an inter-disciplinary, peer reviewed, academic journal aimed at postgraduate students undertaking research in any subject that falls under the bracket of Humanities, Arts, and Modern Languages.
The journal was started in 2012 by eight postgraduate research students at the University of Bristol but is open to submissions from aspiring academics at institutions of higher education around the world.
This call for papers invites submissions for the inaugural edition of HARTS & Minds due to be published online in February 2013. The first edition is entitled ‘Against the Grain – Reimagining in the Humanities and Arts’ and may include but is not limited to papers on the following topics:
·      Queerness and queer theory, otherness
·      New perspectives on existing theory (contemporary or historical) or challenging existing ideas in your particular area of research
·      Revolutions and decadence, re-examining revolutions
·      Challenging convention
·      Historical examples of people ‘going against the grain’
·      Research in a post-postmodern world, where do you go once everything has been said?
·      Challenging subcultures
·      Reimagining classical theatre in new spaces or art forms
·      Reimagining musical scores, literary narratives, or dramatic characters
·      Refusing to ‘go against the grain’ as a challenge to ideas, theories
·      Reconceiving the mainstream as avant-garde
·      Redefining the abnormal, commercialisation and commoditisation of art
·      The monstrous and monster theory
·      Neo-Victorian, steam punk
·      Reimagining technology, methods of collecting data and the process of researching
Proposals for papers should be approximately 300 words and we ask that you submit your abstract along with an academic CV to by 31st October 2012. Please note that academic CVs will not necessarily influence decisions on papers but may help to form biographies for those chosen to submit papers for the published journal.
Please also consider that HARTS & Minds is intended as a truly inter-disciplinary journal and therefore esoteric topics will need to be written about with a general academic readership in mind.
If your proposal is accepted there are certain deadlines that the editors are working towards and therefore if you are thinking of submitting an abstract please ensure that you are able to commit to the following:
·      Proposal/abstract deadline – 31st October 2012
·      Deadline for completed draft paper – 14th December 2013
·      Deadline for completed paper – 18th January 2013
Papers should be previously unpublished works and copyright of published papers will remain with HARTS & Minds. The editors accept no responsibility for copyright infringement of images, graphs, etc used by individuals submitting papers to the journal. You must ensure that you have permission to use any visual or graphic material before submitting your paper. Further information about submission guidelines will be available at the journal website,
If you have any pressing questions or concerns please use the aforementioned email address to contact the editorial board. Information about the editors can be found at the website.
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