Publication Announcement: The Victorian Network Latest issue now available

Publication Announcement: The Victorian Network Latest issue now available

Production and Consumption in Victorian Culture and Literature

The Victorian Network Editorial Board would like to announce the publication of the new issue of The Victorian Network, a special number on the theme of Production and Consumption in Victorian Culture and Literature. A sparkling introduction by Guest Editor Dr. Ella Dzelzainis (University of Newcastle) ranges from Malthus to Marx, and papers from scholars world-wide similarly range across a wide spectrum of nineteenth-century writers, and approaches, focussing especially on the gendered dimension of our economic theme.

Please find the issue on the website here:

On the website you can also find previous issues of Victorian Network, “The British Empire and Victorian Literature and Culture”, “Victorian Literature and Science”, “Crossing the Line: Affinities Before and After 1900” and “Theatricality and Performance in Victorian Literature and Culture”.

The next issue, themed “Sex, Courtship and Marriage in Victorian Litereature and Culture”, is forthcoming in Winter 2012.

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