Launch of the Edwardian Cultural Network

The Edwardian Culture Network, an interdisciplinary project designed to bring together scholars working on various aspects of culture in Britain between the years 1895-1914, has just been launched. The Network will provide an online database of researchers and resources, updates on current exhibitions and publications, and a platform for discussion and organising events. They are also working towards the creation of an online journal.

The inaugural conference, ‘Beyond the Garden Party: Re-Thinking Edwardian Culture’, will held at the University of York in April 2013, for which further details will be circulated this Autumn. In the meantime, they are developing a website, which can be found at: Key to the success of this site is a directory of researchers in the field. If you would like to join this list, please e-mail a short ‘blurb’ consisting of 100 words about your research, your institutional affiliation, a list of keywords for your project, and a contact e-mail address (for examples please see The team will update the website regularly with news of events, exhibitions, publications, and interviews with researchers. If you come across anything that might be of interest to scholars of Edwardian culture, please let them know! Please also forward this e-mail to anyone who might benefit from it. You can e-mail the project at

The Edwardian Culture Network was founded in 2011 by early career researchers at the University of York and the University of Durham, including Dr Samuel Shaw (History of Art, University of York), Sarah Shaw (English, University of York) and Naomi Carle (English, University of Durham).

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