CFP: 20th International Thomas Hardy Conference and Festival, Dorchester, UK, 18-26 August 2012

Call for Postgraduate Research Seminar Papers: 20th International Thomas Hardy Conference and Festival, Dorchester, UK, 18-26 August 2012

As part of the Thomas Hardy Society’s continuing support of postgraduate student research this year’s conference will feature two seminar sessions for postgraduate researchers to present their ideas in a relaxed and friendly environment. Each seminar will be of one hour’s duration and participants are encouraged to write 6-8 page research papers to be circulated to seminar participants in advance. Participants will be encouraged to present a 5 minute summary of their paper, with the primary aim of the sessions being to encourage the exchange of knowledge and ideas about Hardy’s work.

The seminars will form part of the academic program of lectures, seminars, talks and the postgraduate symposium. Proposals may address any aspect of Hardy’s life, work and thought but we especially encourage papers which consider the following areas:

Agriculture and rural life

Anthropology, Archaeology and the past

Astronomy and the Universe


Heritage of the natural and built environments

Mind, body and soul

Music and rhythm

Responses to landscape

Rural Writing

The Human Condition

The roles of suffering and hope in Hardy’s work

Time and eternity

Transatlantic responses to Hardy

Proposals of 200 words, along with any other enquiries should be sent to the Thomas Hardy Society Postgraduate Representative Rebecca Welshman (University of Exeter): by 31st June 2012.
This is an opportunity to discuss ideas with other postgraduate researchers and scholars, to develop skills in oral presentation, and to receive feedback about your work. Participants will have the option of writing up their papers for submission to the peer-reviewed Thomas Hardy Journal. All attending postgraduates will be expected to join the Thomas Hardy Society Postgraduate Branch at a reduced subscription rate (or free if an existing member of the Thomas Hardy Society).

Please note that these sessions are in addition to the Postgraduate Symposium presentations run by Professor Ebbatson and Dr. Richardson. However, students who have their proposals accepted for the Symposium would be welcome to present 5-minute summaries of their papers in a seminar session.

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