Word/ Image : (Re)Defining Intermedial Criticism (Séminaire S45)

Word/ Image : (Re)Defining Intermedial Criticism (Séminaire S45)
Istanbul, 4th-8th September 2012

This seminar will focus on fictional texts which include ekphraseis, pictorial descriptions, and writings on art. The generic ambiguity and hybridity of such texts will be addressed in relation to the status of both the words and the images that they contain. As a consequence, the status of the reader/viewer of such texts will also be examined, thus broadening the emphasis on formal issues to cultural and historical issues of power and gender, within a perspective that borrows from both semiotics and poststructuralism. Through discussions of innovative “iconotextual” or “intermedial” strategies that attempt to break the boundaries between the verbal and the visual, we will seek to define, or redefine, the tenets of a truly intermedial criticism.

Les propositions de communication sont à envoyer avant le 31 janvier 2012, date limite, à :

Liliane Louvel (Université de Poitiers)
Pia Brinzeu (Université de Timisoara)
Laurence Petit (Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3)
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