“Shared Visions” one-day conference, Warwick: registration open

Plenary Speaker: Professor Shearer West, Head of Humanities Division, University of Oxford
Saturday 11th February 2012 9.30am to 6pm
School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies, Millburn House, Warwick University
This one-day conference, held in conjunction with Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, will explore the connections between art, theatre, and visual culture in the nineteenth century. During this period, the ‘art of seeing’ challenged the traditional dominance of the written word. Vision, previously denigrated as deceptive, became considered as a universal language, accessible to all, and more authentic than text. Popular theatre, especially melodrama, led the way in exploring the possibilities of the new visuality. This conference will explore the visual culture of theatre and exchanges between theatre and the visual arts.
Panels will include: Stage Spectacle, History and Narrative, Dramatizing the Environment, Adaptation, The Image of the Actress, The Iconography of Dance, Religion and Ritual, and Violence.
Conference fee: £20 (£10 for postgraduate students) Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.
Registration is now open:
For further information on the conference, please contact Patricia Smyth: patricia.smyth@nottingham.ac.uk
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